Music is a very special thing.

It can connect people and bring them closer together; often it’s been the very thing that may have brought some couples together

We all have songs that are very special to us . . what songs are special to you ?
Was there are specific track playing in the background of the bar where you met ?
Did you have a track playing in your headphones the first time you saw your future love ?

Music can define a moment . . and what more important moment than your Wedding Day ?

We feel honoured to be part of that . . and on your big day, we try to carry that theme on . .

We’ve been told we are a kind of :  Live Mix Tape – for your Big Day.
That’s a pretty good description – we’re like a human jukebox !

We have a very large song list that encompasses many Genres – we also offer a DJ service that may help complement our live play list.

We think music is really important, and we do a great job of getting it just right for you.

Trust the EXPERTS !