One really interesting aspect of our job is finding out how couples got to meet each other.
We hear so many great stories . . ! It can be fascinating.

We recently played a Wedding for a couple who were both obsessed with diving. We discovered that this was, in fact, how they met: Snorkel to Snorkel . . !

They both loved the water, boats, and the sea … This theme is

This theme is recurrent: couples seem to gravitate towards the Coast and what it has to offer

. . lighthouses, beaches etc. – it is pretty romantic!

. . and we’ve played at some venues with simply astonishing views . .

it got us thinking: Music is a great way to set the theme of a Party, and it’s a great way to involve your guests.

So here is our tribute to those with a fond love of The Water & Sea.

A list of songs inspired by all things Marine  . . .
some of them are classics and some of them very ‘trendy’ … as we like to mix things up!

Parties for Water lovers . .

the entrance music : A life on the ocean wave – classic big band theme .

underwater ( you & me ) clap your hands say yeah
Beyond the sea – bobby Darin
Sailing – Rod Stewart
This is underwater love – smoke city
what the water gave me – florence and the machine
smoke on the water – deep purple
to the sea – jack johnson
like the sea – alicia keys
fishing for a dream – turin breaks
Aqualung – strange & beautiful
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
bridge over troubled waters – someone garfunkel / jonny cash
the tide is high – Blondie
pure shores – All saints
rock the boat – The Hues corporation
under the sea – Disney
rock lobster- B52s
Beach Boys – SAil on Sailor
sail away – David Gray

for the Kids :

octopuses garden – Beatles
waterfalls TLC
walking on water – matt cradle
katrina and the waves – walking in sunshine. .
yellow submarine – Beatles
weird fishes – radiohead
oceans – pearl jam
ocean drive – the lighthouse family
love really hurts without you – billy ocean
Phil Philips – Sea of love
Orinoco flow (sail away) – Enya
Sitting on the dock of a bay – Otis reading
The anchor song – Bjork
Ship ahoy – The O’ Jays

put your goggles on, slip into your flippers and dive on to the dance floor.