This is our first BLOG – Welcome to our new website.Are you planning a

Are you planning a Wedding?

Ticked off all jobs on your list …?
Flowers ordered…? Venue Booked…? Food, Drinks …?

What about the Entertainment for the evening ?

Well, after possibly the biggest, most enjoyable day of your life, we think you owe it to yourselves to make sure you end your perfect day the right way … and that’s where we come in.

Your Big day is too important to leave in the hands of an amateur band.

We’re experts, and we take what we do very seriously; we’ve been doing it for years – and loving it.

With hundreds of Great Gigs Behind us, and many more to come, we hope we can help you Celebrate your Big Day !Come on in, and have a look around :

Come on in, and have a look around:

The Cassettes band

Music, Lights, Action !